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Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner FAQ's

It’s a hard surface cleaner designed to clean kitchen surfaces and kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses on all kitchen surfaces; worktops, tiles, cookers, cupboard doors, extractor hoods etc.
Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner cleans and disinfects. It contains both antimicrobial agents and detergents and alkalis to aid with removal of dirt. So, this product both cleans and disinfectants.
Peace of mind. Studies clearly indicate that harmful viruses and bacteria can remain viable on contaminated surfaces for days and be capable of causing infection by cross contamination. Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner gives hygienic assurance in your kitchen where you cook and eat. It is a powerful dual-purpose product that not only cleans stubborn soil from dirty surfaces but also effectively disinfects those surfaces, therefore reducing the risk of cross contamination of germs within your kitchen.
Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner contains a carefully determined blend of key ingredients including a biocidal active substance and detergents. These ingredients work together to clean kitchen surfaces by aiding the removal of soiling and then disinfect those cleaner surfaces by intentionally disrupting the structure of the undesirable bacteria and viruses contaminating your work surfaces.
Yes. Used as directed Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner is suitable for use on most non-porous hard surfaces in kitchens but it can also be applied around the home environment for widespread hygiene. However, we do not recommend use on polished, oiled or varnished wood. If in doubt about suitability, always test on an inconspicuous area first. Always follow the directions on the label.
Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner contains a blend of ingredients including a biocidal active substance, detergents and alkalis which work together to remove kitchen soiling and also target cell walls of bacteria and viral protein coats, rendering them non-viable and/or preventing them from reproducing.
No Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner does not contain sodium hypochlorite or any other bleaching agent, so it is safe for use on most hard surfaces.
Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner has been independently tested against a broad range of pathogenic bacteria and viruses including; E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Yes. The product has been tested against the virus called SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. The product has been independently tested by expert virologists using the latest European virus test protocols (called EN 14476:2013+A2:2019 and NEN 14675) to measure its antiviral performance. The results from these tests have clearly demonstrated that Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner is highly effective against Coronaviruses, specifically the virus called SARS-CoV-2.
This means that only 0.01% of the test organisms survived after treatment with Hycolin Antiviral Disinfectant. In reality the real number is more like 0.001% to 0.0001% depending on the test being performed. Either way this result is considered to be a satisfactory level of disinfection for general domestic hygiene.
For thorough disinfection Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner should be left to act for a minimum of 5 minutes after application to the surface. After this time wipe the treated surface with a clean, damp cloth or rinse with fresh water. The surface is now disinfected and more hygienic.
No. The function of this product is to quickly and effectively clean and disinfect hygiene-critical surfaces in your living space. The product will not remain on treated surfaces. Periodic cleaning with Hycolin is key to maintain high standards of hygiene in the kitchen and around your home.
Disinfectants work best on surfaces that are visibly clean with all loose soiling and grease removed. So for the best hygiene results: 1. Clean the surface first by spraying and wiping with Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner to ensure the Kitchen is visibly clean and free from loose soiling. 2. Reapply a light mist of Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner to the clean Kitchen and allow to dwell for 5 minutes. Then wipe down with a clean, damp cloth. 3. If applied to floors allow to air dry before allowing people to walk on the floor.
Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner should form part of your regular household hygiene regime. This is especially important for high usage areas such as worktops, cupboard door handles and drawers. In homes where people are sick or especially vulnerable, more frequent cleaning is recommended.
Stored in a cool, dark environment, Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner will remain active for at least 24 months.
No. It is our policy not to test any of our raw materials or formulations on animals.
Yes. In addition to our Non-Animal Testing Policy we also ensure that none of our ingredients contain matter from GMOs or animal origins.
Yes, Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner is suitable for food contact kitchens and packaging. Please note that, as with all household disinfectants, it is important to adequately wipe with a damp cloth or rinse surfaces after disinfection and before using for food preparation.
Yes, we only use detergent components that are complaint with the most recent environmental legislation: 1. They are all based on biodegradable surfactants. 2. We comply with all the relevant environmental legislation. 3. Our production site is accredited to ISO14001 Environmental Management System.
Yes. Hycolin Antiviral Kitchen Cleaner is suitable for use on chrome and stainless steel. Other metal surfaces such as aluminium should be safe, but we recommend that you test on an inconspicuous area first to check for incompatibility.
Follow instructions on the label – wash skin thoroughly in plenty of water and dry hands thoroughly. If you get it in your eyes, then rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if you’re wearing them and it’s safe to do so and rinse for a few minutes. Normally this is enough but if eye irritation persists, we recommend you seek medical advice.