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Hycolin Antiviral Hand Soap FAQ's

Hycolin Antiviral Hand Soap is gentle hand cleaner formulated to help remove and kill harmful viruses and bacteria from the hands, whilst being mild on the skin.
Peace of mind. Better hygiene where you need it most.
Hycolin Antiviral Hand Soap contains a carefully selected blend of ingredients including skin cleansers and a naturally occurring antimicrobial (a combined antiviral and antibacterial) agent. The product’s proven effectiveness contributes to today’s very important requirement of good hand hygiene.
Hycolin Antiviral Hand Soap has been shown by independent testing to PASS the relevant International Standard Methods. It is therefore known to be highly effective against a broad range of pathogenic (disease-causing) viruses and bacteria, including the more commonly encountered Coronaviruses, E. coli, Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas.
Yes. This product has been independently tested using the latest European antiviral test protocol (EN 14476) by a leading virology laboratory. The results demonstrate that Hycolin Antiviral Hand Soap is effective against a wide range of viruses.
This means that only 0.1% of the test organisms survived after treatment with Hycolin Antiviral Hand Soap.
No, we do not use Triclosan in any of our products. Instead we have selected a naturally occurring biocidal substance which is biodegradable and will not accumulate in the environment.
For thorough disinfection Hycolin Antiviral Hand Soap should be used for 1 minute before thoroughly rinsing and drying your hands.
Hycolin Antiviral Hand Soap, like any other hand soap may leave a slight residue of its active substance after washing. It is possible that, if left undisturbed, this residual active substance will continue to help clean the hands but we make no claims of this nature as they are difficult to verify in a meaningful way.
For the best hygiene results: 1. Moisten hands with water and then dispense hand soap in the palm of your hand and work into the palms, wrists and back of your hands. Pay special attention to your thumbs and the skin between your fingers. 2. Work the hand soap into your hands for 1 minute before thoroughly rinsing your hands in fresh water. 3. Dry your hands thoroughly, ideally on disposable hand towels.
Hycolin Antiviral Hand Soap should form part of your regular personal hygiene regime. Especially after handling items which may have been handled by other people, after going to the toilet, or after touching your face or blowing your nose. In homes where people are sick or especially vulnerable, more frequent hand hygiene is very important.
Stored unopened in a cool dark environment, Hycolin Antiviral Hand Soap Cleaner will remain active for at least 24 months. Once opened the product remains viable for 12 months after which any unused material should be discarded.
Yes, we only use detergent components that are complaint with the most recent environmental legislation: 1. They are all based on biodegradable surfactants. 2. We comply with all the relevant environmental legislation. 3. Our production facility is accredited to ISO14001 Environmental Management System.