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Hycolin Antiviral Floor Wipes FAQ's

Hycolin Antiviral Floor Wipes are conveniently sized individual fabric pieces moistened with a powerful antimicrobial (combined antiviral and antibacterial) agent for the fitting to floor mops/brushes. They are easily applied straight from their packet with minimal effort to hygiene-critical floors in order to reduce contamination and help with cleaning by the wiping action to remove soil and dirt.
They are quick, economical and easy to use. Hycolin Antiviral Floor Wipes have been extensively tested in order to offer users high standards of antiviral and antibacterial performance.
Hycolin Antiviral Floor Wipes contain a powerful biocidal active substance which disrupts the structure of viruses and bacteria that are contaminating surfaces and renders them harmless. It is best to remove any loose soiling first. However, the wiping action used during the use these Hycolin Antiviral Floor Wipes also helps remove soiling and dirt from surfaces being disinfected.
They are suitable for all types of non-porous floors (essentially those floors easily cleaned with a mop and/or brush).
No. Hycolin Antiviral Floor Wipes do not contain sodium hypochlorite or any other bleaching agent, so they are safe for use on most hard surfaces.
Hycolin Antiviral Floor Wipes have been shown by independent testing to PASS the relevant International Standard Methods. They are, therefore, known to be highly effective against a broad range of pathogenic (disease-causing) viruses and bacteria, including the more commonly encountered Coronaviruses, E. coli, Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas.
Yes. The product has been independently tested by expert virologists to measure the wipes’ antiviral performance. The results from testing clearly demonstrate that Hycolin Antiviral Floor Wipes are highly effective against Coronaviruses, as well as many other important viruses.
This means that only 0.1% of the test organisms survived after treatment with Hycolin Antiviral Floor Wipes. In reality the real number is more like 0.01% to 0.001% depending on the test being performed. Either way this result is considered to be a satisfactory level of disinfection for general domestic hygiene.
The wipes have been demonstrated to kill 99.99% of viruses in as little as 1 minute. Allow the wiped surfaces to adequately dry after cleaning using the Hycolin Antiviral Floor Wipes.
Hycolin Antiviral Floor Wipes, like any other hard surface disinfectant, will leave a residue of active substance. It is possible that this residual active substance will kill subsequent contamination. However, we make no claims of this nature as they are difficult to verify in a meaningful way.
The answer really depends on how heavily the cleaned and disinfected floors are reused. Hycolin Antiviral Floor Wipes should form part of your regular household hygiene regime. This is especially important in high usage floors. In homes where people are sick or especially vulnerable, more frequent cleaning is recommended.
Once the packet is opened it is advisable to use the moistened wipes before they dry out. Prolong the useable life of the wipes by carefully resealing the packet after removing a number of wipes for use. In their moistened state, the wipes in the packet will be usable for up to 24 months.
No. It is our policy not to test any of our raw materials or formulations on animals.
Yes. In addition to our Non-Animal Testing Policy we also ensure that none of our ingredients contain matter from GMOs or animal origins.
Follow instructions on the label – wash skin thoroughly after use. If you get it in your eyes, then rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if you’re wearing them and it’s safe to do so and rinse for a few minutes. Normally this is enough but if eye irritation persists, we recommend you seek medical advice.